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CFOs no longer control the purse strings—they wear multiple hats. 

Today’s finance leaders are driving growth and accelerating workflows and are uniquely positioned to do so. What key areas need to be on every CFO’s radar in the year ahead? 

In this on-demand video, the panelists discuss trends identified in Global Planning Survey 2023 and how they likely impact the finance line of business in 2024 — as well as specific steps a CFO needs to ensure success.

Key takeaways:

  • Accelerate adoption of real-time financial data  
  • Increase speed and agility with the right tech 
  • Mitigate tactics in response to market disruption

Plan Smarter: Harness data to deliver actionable insights, and leverage predictive analytics to make better decisions and constantly plan for what comes next.
Lead Transformation: Accelerate your digital transformation journey, optimizing and streamlining planning across every function to improve performance and sustain change.

Unify Cross-functional Teams: Unify strategy, finance, and operations to plan smarter

Board Intelligent Planning Platform

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The Board Intelligent Planning platform is a cutting-edge solution designed to revolutionize financial planning and analysis (FP&A) processes for organizations of all sizes. With its comprehensive suite of features, seamless integration with Microsoft Dynamics, and powerful analytics capabilities, Board empowers businesses to streamline budgeting, forecasting, and planning operations. 

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Quisitive’s Board Intelligent Planning Assessment provides a comprehensive two-week engagement where our team will review your existing processes, provide guidance on best practices, and develop a tailored plan design to meet your specific needs.

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