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Your Partner for Digital Transformation in Healthcare  

As Microsoft’s US Partner of the Year in Healthcare three years in a row, Quisitive is here to support you at every stage of your digital transformation journey. MazikCare is powered by Microsoft Azure, Dynamics 365, and Power Platform to ensure you get the most secure, integrated & scalable solutions possible. 

MazikCare Care Coordination in Action! 

See how Arthur Health leverages MazikCare Care Coordination platform to create new models of connected care to reduce patient wait times by 80% and save millions in unnecessary MRIs. 
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 “At scale, satisfaction rates for both patients and physicians have remained greater than 90 percent. We see happier patients and happier providers, and it has significantly reduced unnecessary MRIs, emergency visits, and specialist referrals to deliver a return on the investment.” 

Dr. Rampersaud, Arthur Health 

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The patient journey is winding and unpredictable. With so many variables and individuals involved in every encounter, organizations in healthcare need an easy, secure, and intuitive platform that connects patients, providers, and stakeholders in real-time and at every step in the journey.   

MazikCare Care Coordination Platform

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Create a Digital Bridge Between Patients and Care Teams at Every Stage of the Healthcare Journey

Re-shaping traditional, siloed models of care.  

Powered by Microsoft technologies, the MazikCare Care Coordination platform connects healthcare providers, patients, and stakeholders on a single platform to collaborate and communicate effectively in delivering comprehensive and well-coordinated care.  

Improve Patient

Enhance Patient

Reduce Wait Times, Risks & Costs

Enable Seamless Collaboration Among Providers

Integrated & Secure Healthcare Applications

MazikCare Care Coordination supports SMART on FHIR, the most advanced and secure way to electronically exchange patient data in real time. We will work with you to securely integrate your data from various applications, so your team has access to one source of patient information for brilliant planning.

Get Setup Quickly & Maximize Your ROI

Lean on our team of healthcare technology experts to guide you through the planning, setup and launch of your new Care Coordination Platform. We work closely with every client to ensure maximum return on your technology investment and employ the latest in AI and machine learning to expedite setup and adoption.

Embrace Value-Based Care   

MazikCare Care Coordination ensures your teams can reduce costs while optimizing care delivery.   

  • Reduce hospital re-admissions   
  • Improve medication management 
  • Streamline administrative processes and reduce burnout 
  • Enhance chronic disease management 
  • Decrease healthcare utilization 
  • Improve referral relationships   
  • Reduce wait times and increase patient satisfaction
  • Unified Patient Records: Seamlessly integrate EMR data, lab results, and more for informed decisions. 
  • Secure Collaboration: Real-time team communication for better outcomes and cost savings. 
  • Care Plan Management: Personalized plans, progress monitoring, and treatment adherence.
  • Engage Patients: Empower patients with self-assessments, scheduling, and medication plans.
  • Analytics & Insights: Data-driven decisions, identifying care gaps, and resource optimization.

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The Dollars and Sense of Implementing Care Coordination

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The MazikCare Care Coordination Platform empowers health teams to take proactive and intelligent control over patient care across multiple healthcare providers and settings.

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Get brilliant communication and coordination across health teams and patients for faster, better health outcomes and care delivery.

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